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  • How to choose Gebin mat? The application scope of Gerbin mat is expanding constantly, its style is increasing constantly, and also more ***, but when choosing Gerbin mat, we need to proceed from different angles, so that the product we choose is the most suitable and most effective, so when choosing, we should consider more factors, and there will be many factors. Good results, so when choosing, the following factors must be taken into account. 1. The primary factor to be considered is the direct ratio of quality and price. The quality and advantage of products are the key to our choice. The reason why we choos...
  • 1. The staggered seams of the cage net should be arranged in place to avoid longitudinal through seams when installing the cage net; 2. Rise the four sides of the cage net and lock the adjacent edges with the tie line. When tied, tie the tie line around the two overlapping frame lines (when stitching edges) or the twisted edges between the frame line and the cage. Galvanizing damage should be avoided. The pitch is not more than 500 mm. 3. When the stone cage net is installed on the completed bottom network, the tied line is applied to fix the new galvanized stone cage net along the lower border of the newly ins...