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Company News

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    What are the methods of processing and using lead-wire cages?The main processing method of lead wire stone cage is very simple, and its use in general environment is consistent with the idea of playing building blocks in our childhood. In ancient China, most of the lead wire cages we used were square or recta...
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    The grid originated from Europe and has a history of over 100 years. The box-shaped design is generally used in the grid, because comparing with some fixed structures, the box-shaped grid has obvious advantages. Resin grille is coated with a specially optimized high corrosion resistant resin film on a galvani...
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    Application Characteristics of Galvanized Cage Mesh ProductsGalvanized cage mesh I believe that you should not be very strange, there are many in the market now, we should pay attention to the use of cage mesh maintenance, so that the service life will be longer.Galvanized stone cage net is a kind of hexagona...

Industry Trends

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    How to choose Gebin mat? The application scope of Gerbin mat is expanding constantly, its style is increasing constantly, and also more ***, but when choosing Gerbin mat, we need to proceed from different angles, so that the product we choose is the most suitable and most effective, so when choosing, we shou...
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    1. The staggered seams of the cage net should be arranged in place to avoid longitudinal through seams when installing the cage net; 2. Rise the four sides of the cage net and lock the adjacent edges with the tie line. When tied, tie the tie line around the two overlapping frame lines (when stitching edges) ...